Estore: An Internet Success Story?

Website Design

Watched an interview with Lorenzo Coppa of Estore the other day which was interesting.  I loved his 5 points for business sucess.

I hadn’t heard of Estore so went and checked out their site. Lots to like about the site – full tech specs for products, lots of products to choose from, mostly good images, clear ‘call to action’ buttons, free shipping, detailed product descriptions – but a few not so great things.

It’s a busy site and has a lot going on, maybe too much.  The most annoying thing for me was menus that flash on and off when you scroll over the top menu bar.  There is also some products missing images and others that are generic type pictures that don’t really show much.

The thing that really got me was the five fields on the online help pop up.  OK only 2 are mandatory, but really, 5 fields just for someone to get some live help?  I guess I’m used to online help where you enter your query straight into a window without having to enter any preliminary information.  I wonder how many people click on the link and close it right away, put off by the info required.  Or maybe Estore use it to pre-qualify web visitors and make sure only those who are really serious use the service.

What do you like/dislike about the site?  Check it out: bit.ly/ncprOP