Images on Your Site – What is Best?


Some sites seem to inherently understand what customers want to see and have great images on their site. Others provide the minimum and then probably wonder why they don’t get as many orders as they’d hoped. Can you provide too many images? How many is enough?

When it comes to clothes, each item should be individually photographed front and back and there should also be a photo of it on a model so the potential customer can see the exact shape and detail of the item but also how it hangs when it’s being worn. There should also be a zoom button and the images should be able to be enlarged.

Why is it important? Because good images sell and you’re less likely to get returns if the customer has a better idea of what they are ordering.

To illustrate this, here are two images from Witchery of a red silk shirt. They posted picture A on their website – as a general rule they have 2 images of each item, front and back laid flat – and when I first saw it there was stock available in all sizes. A couple of days later and Picture B was posted on their Facebook page. The item then sold out online and a ring around to a couple of stores confirmed that it had sold out there too.

Image A

witchery red shirt

Image B


Image B brings the product to life and shows how it can be worn.  Given that customers can’t try an item on before buying online then retailers need to come up with an alternative that is going to satisfy customers and give them confidence in what they are purchasing.

Mary Portas has just launched her first retail outlet in the UK in conjunction with House of Fraser.  What is impressive about her online store is that she has included model shots with product shots for each item that she sells.