Business to Consumer Marketing Tips: How to Boost Your Sales in 90 Days

Small Business

Given that marketing is about looking for clues, if you’re looking for some quick wins then a good starting point to think about is how you got your last 60 good customers. 

What do I mean by good customers? These are customers that you like working with. Maybe they are easy to deal with or they regularly return to you to buy more, or they are more profitable than others.  Or maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. How you define good customers will depend on what you value but it’s important to work out what attributes they possess that makes them a great fit for your business.

Once you’ve worked out who they are, review how they came to be your customers. How did they first hear about you?

Let’s imagine that those 60 customers came from the following mix:

  • 10 from Facebook advertising
  • 10 search results in Google
  • 10 referrals from existing customers
  • 20 due to your media involvement.

What can you do to increase the likelihood of getting another 60 new clients in the next 90 days in the same way?

If we break that down, that amounts to 20 new clients every month for the next 3 months. To sustain you beyond the 90-day timeline, ideally, your marketing will have a mix of awareness-raising activities and building assets that can be leveraged over the longer term.

  1. Facebook advertising

One of the benefits of Facebook advertising is that you can use a tracking pixel to identify which customers came to you via Facebook. This is great for two reasons. The first is that you can see the effectiveness of your ads but the second is that you can use those converting customers as the model for your audience attributes and target a ‘looks like’ audience. The more conversions, the stronger your customer ‘template’ will be.

Facebook advertising action:

  • target similar audiences based on converting customers
  • split-test different ads (you should ideally be testing at least 2 varieties of ads at any one time) and see if you can improve your conversion rate to a lead or sale
  • set a goal and continually tweak to improve results.
Action plan: Create ad varieties for existing ads, start a new campaign based on converting customers.
  1. Google search results

Improving, or even maintaining, your results in the search engine listings takes continual effort to add new content to your website. But it can’t just be any old article. Ideally, it needs to correlate to what your customers are searching for when they look for your product or service.

Google search action:

  • create articles around the keyword that is bringing you converting traffic
  • add links to your latest 5 articles on your homepage – this is good for visitors coming to your site from other methods and having continually updated content is rated positively by Google
  • investigate what other activities you can do to improve your rankings in the search engine listings – this could include adding meta tags to your content
Action plan: Create 1 new article each week.
  1. Referrals from existing customers

Having people talk about your business – in a good way! – can be a great way to attract new customers to you. However, one of the challenges with referrals is that they can be lumpy – you get a rush of 10 at once and then nothing for 4 months. While it can feel like there is little you can do to encourage more on a regular basis, there are a few ways to even out the random nature of them and increase the number you receive:

  • make it easy for your customers to refer new customers to you – if you’re not clear about what you’re offering and ‘why’, then your customers may not be able to articulate it well either
  • provide tools or collateral that offers value and your customers will enjoy sharing with others, for example, this could be an engaging video that they can relate to or a guide to getting the most out of your product
  • talk about how people are spreading the word – give a shout out on social media or in your email newsletter – and express how grateful you are for the support.
 Action plan: Allocate 1 hour each week to focus on referrals.
  1. Media involvement

Media exposure can be a great way to attract leads and customers to your business. Some activities that can increase the chance of getting featured in the media:

  • send a thank you note to a journalist after the article is published
  • target journalists that you want to be featured by. You can do this by connecting with them on LinkedIn and ask if they need help finding businesses for stories they’re writing
  • look for related articles and approach the journalist that wrote that piece with a different viewpoint so they can continue the story.
Action plan: Connect with a new journalist each month.  

Planning your marketing doesn’t have to be this big onerous task that sucks all your energy and leaves you too exhausted to take it further. The key is to set goals and then commit to taking steps to achieve them. And look for clues along the way on how you can expand what you’re doing so you can develop new ways of attracting customers to your business. If you don’t know or are starting out, ask your customers why they bought from you, what was it that convinced them?