About Us – Does Anyone Read It?

Customer Service

Your “About Us” page is your opportunity to let your customer get to know you so use it and tell them a story about your business, how it came to exist, what drives your business.  But don’t be boring!

Letting your visitors get to know you is important because it makes potential customers feel safe with you and you are also giving them something to talk about. What do I mean?

Let’s say you visited 2 different shoe websites, both have products that you like and would be happy to purchase.  But one is impersonal and gives out little information about the people behind the company or the company itself.  Instead the about us page is full of fluffy mission statements that you’d need a dictionary & a spare half hour to attempt to decode (which isn’t going to happen!).

The second site is more forthcoming.  You learn that the company was started by Rebecca, a shoe addict who fell in love with shoes when she got her first pair of ballet flats at age 4 and decided to indulge her love of shoes by setting up her own website.   What Rebekah loves about shoes is the way the right pair can change an outfit, give you an instant boost and can be a great talking point because everyone loves to talk about shoes, right?

Because you feel more affinity with Rebecca’s site you stay on the site longer and end up buying from her.  But not only do you purchase from her instead of the other faceless site, you also tell your friends about this cool new site you found started by a woman who has been a shoe addict since she was 4!

So that’s what an engaging about us page gives your visitors – a degree of comfort and opportunity to connect and a backstory they are more likely to share with others.  What business doesn’t want that?