5 Top Business Podcasts for Small Business Owners

Perhaps you've heard about all the benefits you can get from podcasts but aren't sure where to start to find the top business podcasts. 

In this article you'll find the 5 top business podcasts you need to listen to if you're a small business owner, start up founder or entrepreneur. Listening to these top business podcasts will ensure you stay ahead of what’s happening and create a sense of connection on the often lonely path of owning your own business.  

This list saves you from a lot of trial and error if you just want the good stuff straight up.  Rather than give you a long list of 20+, I've narrowed it down to the top 5.  I’ve been listening to a lot of different podcasts over the last few years and come up with the top business podcasts (in no particular order) that I’d recommend specifically for small business owners.

What is it?

Business podcasts and NPR (National Public Radio) don't usually go together but this one hosted by Guy Raz is a standout show.  In it he interviews business owners about how they started and grew their business.  He focuses on one business in each 45-60 minute episode which allows enough time to get into the story of how they came to exist, the key challenges they faced along the way and how they were able to overcome them.

What do I like about it?

business podcasts

The thing you quickly discover is that no entrepreneur has had an easy run, even those that have since built multi-million dollar businesses.  All have faced an assortment of challenges that they’ve had to navigate their way around and I like hearing how they did it.  It’s both reassuring and illuminating.

What could be improved on the show?

I’m not sure if there are show notes (summaries of what was discussed) for this as I don’t recall hearing mention of them but a summary of each episode – the business info and key lessons learned – would be a great addition.  Really, any business podcasts can be made more useful with supporting material. 

Top business podcasts

What is it?

Amy Porterfield, an online marketing guru that used to work with Tony Robbins, created this show.  She mixes up the content and it isn’t all about online marketing.  Sometimes there's an interview with another guest, other times she runs through things she’s learned.  The topics are all related to business and are presented well.

What I like about it?

I’ll be honest, it took a little while to get used to Amy’s style (I thought she was a little over the top at first).  But now I really like her practical approach where she often says out loud what I’m thinking.  She isn’t pitching herself as this all-knowing guru and will say when she doesn’t know something.  This can make it feel like she’s in there learning along with her audience. 

This was demonstrated in a recent episode about Pinterest where she echoed my scepticism (and I’m sure that of many in her audience) in questioning whether this was really a platform worth considering. 

What could be improved?

There is always show notes for each episode which I like and often there is what Amy called ‘a freebie’ that adds even more value.  For example, a recent interview with a guest all about pitching your business had a free downloadable cheatsheet on how to create the perfect pitch.  But not every episode has this type of upgrade and I always miss it when its not there.  

Most business podcasts don't have this kind of thoughtful approach which makes it even more valuable and useful.

What is it?

This business podcast from Gimlet Media is like a podcast version of Shark Tank.  There are usually 4 venture capital investors and a business owner that pitches them for funding. 

What I like about it?

It’s always fascinating hearing how a startup pitches what they ‘re about when they’re seeking funding.  Some are well prepared and really know their business and their place in the market. 

Others seem too wrapped up in their own business idea to really sell why it matters and why it will be successful.  They think it’s obvious (I see this a lot in small business owners that I deal with – they are so close to what they’re offering that they can’t succinctly explain what it is and why it matters).

Its also interesting hearing what the investors think of each pitch.  They often don’t invest and the insight into why is revealing, both about their own individual approach to investing and how the business owner is perceived.

What could be improved?

Sometimes it feels like the show is just glossing over a lot of the detail and I’d like to learn more about the business case for each pitch.  Again not sure if they have show notes and links but I’ve never heard them refer to them.

Sometimes it feels like the show is just glossing over a lot of the detail and I’d like to learn more about the business case for each pitch.  Again not sure if they have show notes and links but I’ve never heard them refer to them.Sometimes it feels like the show is just glossing over a lot of the detail and I’d like to learn more about the business case for each pitch.  Again not sure if they have show notes and links but I’ve never heard them refer to them.

What is it?

This business podcast is hosted by Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn & Paypal and partner at Greylock Venture Partners. Most episodes revolve around a theme associated with scaling your business and are a composite of different interviews he’s done.  Over the northern summer, the full, unedited interviews were released which was a nice touch.

What I like about it?

With credentials and connections like Reid clearly has, he pulls in fascinating guests like Mark Zuckerberg and Cheryl Sandberg from Facebook, Stewart Butterfield from Slack, Peter Thiel, his former partner at Paypal and Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix to name a few.  The composite episodes are well done and interspersed with humour and wisdom. 

What could be improved?

There is often mentioned made of show notes on MastersofScale.com and it lead me to believe there was this whole stack of resources and extras available there.  There is transcripts and a couple of quotes which are good but not the summaries and key takeaways I was hoping for.

What is it?

Hosted by husband and wife team, Dr Sherry Walling & Rob Walling, this business podcast is a new addition to my subscribed list. Sherry is a clinical psychologist and she talks about the emotional fallout from being a business owner, something she has seen in her practice and has experienced for herself in her own business. Rob was a founder of Drip, email marketing software company that he recently sold. 

What I like about it?

I wasn’t sure about this podcast at first and was surprised at the personal tone but now I’ve got used to it, that’s what I most like. Both Sherry & Rob have a refreshing, no BS approach to talking about the downsides of running your own business.  You can tell they’re both in the weeds and pushing ahead even though most of the time it’s not all sunshine and roses.

What could be improved?

There hasn’t felt like there is much consistency when it comes to new episodes and I’m surprised when the latest one appears in the app.  But when I looked at the dates they’ve been released I can see that they put out a new show each week or so, with just the odd gap.   Not sure if that says more about my not dwelling on the kinds of issues covered or there doesn’t feel like there is much of a thread between each one.

Next step to listen to these top business podcasts...

So where to start?  Some of these top business podcasts have hundreds of episodes so I’ve put together a Top Business Podcast Listening Guide so you know which ones to start with.  Get your copy by clicking on the image following:

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Is there a top business podcast that you think should be on this list? Share your top business podcasts below.