"Winning Customers Doesn't have to Involve a Shouting Match. If you Tell YOUR Story Right You Can Attract Raving Fans!"

A well communicated story is the missing key you need to acquire new customers


Trying to shout at your customers to get their attention over your competitors is never a good idea.  Because they won't listen, you feel frustrated and end up exhausted.

Instead, you can cut through information overload with an engaging story.

Just imagine going from struggling to rapidly growing, and fulfilling your dream of being in charge of your own destiny. Where you're no longer anxious about getting customers in the door every month, but they are seeking you out.  Your story could be the best 'salesperson' you ever had!

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how to share your business story
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    Once you have an engaging story the rest of your marketing is easy
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    A story is the cornerstone of all your marketing that is going to attract your raving fans
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    You can use your story in emails, pitches to media, brochures, social media - anytime you’re speaking to your potential audience and need to build an emotional connection.
  • A great story makes it easier to encourage word of mouth because everyone loves hearing an engaging story.

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What is the difference between information and a story?

One is more noise that lacks emotion and the other makes you want to hear more!

White Noise...

At XYZ Marketing we have a small and dynamic team of marketing professionals who have worked in marketing management, business consulting, digital design and communications roles across a broad range of industries.


A Story Begins...

After working with, for and in small businesses for 20+ years, Jill Brennan, founder of Harbren Marketing, has had a front row seat to the confusion and frustration that plagues many business owners when it comes to marketing.


Why are stories so powerful?

Because stories connect on a subconscious level which allows them to slip through the many filters we all run to protect ourselves from too much information.

And since your audience resonated with your story, they are pre-qualifed to be your best and most ideal customers. It takes the pain out of marketing.  And it makes growing your business fun, easy and very profitable.

how to share your business story

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