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Business Storytelling Training

How to Quickly Uncover Your Story & Build Trust

Avoid Staring Helplessly at a Blank Page!

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How to uncover your story and build trust

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    Business Storytelling Training Revealed:  the 4 steps involved in business storytelling training so you can hook your audience right from the beginning
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    Get the content for your story out of your head and down on paper so you craft a compelling story
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    This workbook makes it easy to work out your story by guiding you through the key points you need to cover

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Why share your story?

Build trust by being relatable 

Business storytelling training?  Do you really need it?

Often I hear small business owners reluctant to admit mis-steps they've made along the way, as if somehow that will devalue what they offer.  But it actually has the opposite effect and can make you seem more appealing.  You don't need to go into every bump and scratch, just the key ones that pushed you to create a better offering.  

I once remember a guy telling me about his approach to website hosting.  He said that many people will flee when a web hosting company has a glitch, even after they've fixed the problem.  However, he preferred to stay because he knew they had learnt from it and wouldn't make that mistake again (assuming they'd actually fixed the problem and hadn't just put a bandaid over the issue).  The devil you know and all that.  

But it only works if your have an open attitude to issues that have arisen in the past or crop up from time to time in the present.

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