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What Can You Learn From Business Unicorns?

| Small Business

I was at a workshop recently and the presenter talked about the dangers of trying to emulate what he called a Unicorn business. He was referring to businesses like Facebook, Apple, Uber, Google and Twitter.  These businesses are all global phenomenon’s that benefited from a confluence of right time, right place, right people to pull […]

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Progress Beats Perfect

| How to Get More Customers

To the uninitiated marketing can seem like a hot mess of jargon, hard to grasp specifics and opportunities that are just beyond reach. It seems like it should be possible because other companies do it but still, it’s difficult to get your head around it when it’s your own business. What comes first – social […]

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From Cold to Customer

| Customer Service

One of the challenges for any business is turning a cold prospect into a paying customer.  With the growing awareness of customers knowing what they want and finding out information independently before even meeting with a potential supplier, this adds another level of complexity to the situation. This is particularly true for small businesses, which […]

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