Get Smarter Marketing - The Small Business Owner's Guide to Building a Savvy Business

Discover What You Need to Know to Market Your Small Business Effectively

A book for ambitious small business owners...

Marketing can be overwhelming with the number of platforms and methods that are created every other week.  And then there's the ones you already know about - Yellow Pages ads anyone? - that may have lost their usefulness. Knowing what to get involved in and what to leave alone can be a headache for small business owners.

GET SMARTER MARKETING takes the confusion out of marketing by presenting the topics you need to know about in a clear and concise way.

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What You Will Learn...

8 Step Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan

This plan is a practical guide not some big document that doubles as a door stop.  The 8 steps are within reach of any business and they are explained here in an easy to follow format.

Different types of Marketing Help Available

Get the pros and cons on the different types of marketing help available and what's right for your business.

How to Get Closer to Your Customers

Knowing who your customers are and exactly what problem you solve for them is a crucial step in communicating about your solution.  Without this understanding you'll get lost in the crowd of your competitors.

What Questions to Ask to Get the 'Right' Help

Knowing what to ask to determine marketing expertise is difficult when you're not an expert in that area.  Get questions you can ask to find the best help for your business.

This book is for businesses that know what they want just not sure how to get there.  Every business owner should read this book, there are practical gems for all.

Rodney Young 
Managing Director, Masters and Young                 

About the author...

Jill Brennan is a Marketing Consultant and the Founder of Harbren Marketing.  She has worked in, with and for small businesses for around 20 years.  She has taken her many years of experience and channelled it into a guide that business owners can use to take the confusion out of marketing, get an understanding of what's possible and better communicate what problems they solve for their customers.

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If you're a small business owner who want to:

  • Get better results from your marketing
  • Stop flitting around trying lots of different things and giving up
  • Have a queue of qualified prospects knocking on your door
  • Stand out from your competition and improve your profitability

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