Identify Marketing Opportunities with this Helpful Guide for Small Business

marketing opportunities

Most small businesses can’t afford to waste their marketing opportunities and dilute the effectiveness of their actions. However, the path ahead to more customers isn’t always clear. There are so many ways to get your message to your target market. How do you pick the ‘right’ path?

Inside the Marketing Kickstart Kit you'll find:

7 common marketing missteps small businesses make

Strategies to avoid them

Options available for getting help from marketing specialists

Guide to picking the right marketing specialist for your business

What to look for when weighing up the different marketing opportunities

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Harbren Marketing works with ambitious small businesses that want to grow in a way that provides them with more flexibility, less stress and takes the uncertainty out of where the next sale will come from.  You'll get a strategic marketing consultant to help you troubleshoot your marketing activities and opportunities.  Ongoing support to troubleshoot your marketing and communications is a key part of the service to ensure you keep up with the ever-changing range of methods and platforms.

The first step to seeing if we might be a good match for what you need is to download this free Kickstart Kit and see if our approach gels with your business.  Then if you feel there is synergy between your marketing objectives and our approach the next step is to take the Online Marketing Assessment, get your two free sample chapters of 'Get Smarter Marketing' or book in for a Big Picture Strategy Session

You can also read a range of articles exploring different marketing communications topics on the updates page.  Let us know what you liked or didn't like in the comments section.