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The Harbren Marketing Stocktake reviews your ability to grow into a larger business and get the most out of your marketing.

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Do your marketing objectives match your setup?  This stocktake is based on 20+ years of working in, with and for small businesses, as well as the book ‘Get Smarter Marketing’. The Stocktake is a unique way to measure your marketing strengths.

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Many small businesses with turnover in the $2-5 million range may have set their marketing objectives but often don't have the people, systems, market, brand or product assets to grow into larger businesses.  To become a $10+ million business requires more than ambitious marketing objectives.  It takes a robust marketing approach with well-developed systems, processes, people and planning.  

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The 3 Key Elements of Marketing for Small Business


Do you have clear plans that set out where you want to go?




Do you have the right skills to deliver your marketing activities?




Do you have the systems and processes to make marketing repeatable and scalable?



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