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    Revealed: the best business podcast episodes to listen to from top 5 podcasts for small business owners
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    Get the second best business podcast episodes to listen to so you'll know whether to add the podcast to your playlist or skip
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    Shortcut your learning with top tips & strategies from top business minds

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Why listen to business podcasts?

Shortcut your learning

Make use of time when your hands are busy but your ears are open to discovering fascinating insights and tips from other business leaders and owners.  When it comes to learning from others there is only so much time you can spend reading and watching videos.  Give your eyes a rest and enjoy the experience that a great business podcast episode can offer.  

Go beyond standard media soundbites

Most media interviews last for a few minutes and are carefully crafted to give you a taste but not a lot of depth about a particular topic.  Most podcasts are less scripted and more real.  Which means that you'll get more out of them and sometimes it almost feels like you're in the room with them.

Get out of your own echo chamber

Sometimes the episodes you think will appeal least, end up providing the best information. Once you develop trust in a podcast then you can relax and enjoy wherever the host takes you, safe in the knowledge that you're in good hands and its more than likely going to be worth your while.

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