Online Advertising – Where to Start?

| Online Advertising

For many businesses the obvious starting point for online advertising is Google Adwords. Google accounts for around 90% of search engine queries in Australia and many people are familiar with how ads appear on Google – at the very top and down the right hand side of search results pages or ad blocks on content […]

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Website Design: Does Ugly Win?

| Website Design

We all like shiny new things right, especially when it comes to technology? The latest computer, the thinnest laptop, the most recent smartphone, an ipad because of how it renders graphics. So it makes sense that slick website design is the way to go. It has to look good to be good, right? Do you […]

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Why Advertise Online?

| How to Get More Customers

Advertising online is a more bullish, proactive approach to getting traffic online than relying on activities designed to boost your position in the search engines. And I like that. That isn’t to say that doing search engine optimisation (SEO) activities, or as James Tuckerman from Anthill described it in a recent presentation as making your […]

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